This internet site was born from the desire to share my passion for bike trips. In the last years I travelled: across North Italy, east to west through the Alps; in the Provence region, France; then, in the summer 2010, I decided to start from the northernmost point in Italy, Vetta d’Italia (South Tyrol), to the sourthernmost one, Porto Palo di Capo Passero, Isola delle Correnti (Sicily).

The year after I wrote and published the book “Raggio per raggio”, about this trip, in which I talked about places, atmospheres, situations, people, and my teacher’s experience too.

In the summer 2016 I reached Nordkapp from Italy, by bike of course, and alone, as usual. The idea was to follow the track of Francesco Negri
, from Ravenna, who undertook a three years’ long journey, in 1663, to explore the Scandinavian territory, up to Nordkapp. He is considered the first tourist to reach the northernmost point of mainland Europe. He described his adventures into the book “Viaggio settentrionale”, published on 1700, two years after his death.
I bought two big special bags for my recumbent bike for this trip, which toke 22 days on the pedals, about 3000 Km, more than 130 Km per day. I crossed: Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

I believe that travelling by bike can always be: an opportunity for extraordinary personal growth, a possibility to promote relationships of value, and a very good educational experience. For these reasons, I propose to involve my students in the preparation, implementation, and of course, realization of bike journeys.

Paolo Pittino